We can all become heroes!

A gentel wind was blowing through the campsite as my brother and I put up our tent. It was summer and we werein a wild forest ready to start our new adventure.

We put our things in the  tent and started to prepare something to eat. We sat on some logs outside the tent to enjoy our snack when suddenly my brother started screaming. I got scared but when I realise why he was screaming, I started laughing. My borhter was screaming because he saw a spider. I told him that there were a lot of spiders in the forest. Just when I calmed him down, he started screaming again it wasn’t because of the spiders but because a snake has bitten his leg. I had packed my first- aid kit with me and I quickly went in the tent to get it. I cut open the wound and I treated it. We were lucky that it wasn’t a poisonous snake.

I suggested that we pack up and leave in the morning  but my brother insisted that he felt much better. The next day was a new start of our camping adventure. My brother wake up feeling better and he lit a fire and made us breakfast. Later, we slowly walked to a nearby river and fished for a few hours. We talked about our childhood momeries and laughed so much!

In the afternoon it was time to pack and go back home. We didn’t mention to anyone about my brother’s unfortunate incident but my brother and I enjoyed our getaway which made our relationship even stronger.

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