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How are you?Today I’ll present you my board game that I made in my notebook.The name of my board game is “KEDU SNAKE”.It’s a nice game that it take me very time, but I made it with my heart.You need to play this game:A map a snake, a dice and 4 pawn.In a little while you ‘ll see the meanings, the instructions and the aim of the game:


You’re throwing the dice and you’re moving your pawn as many times as you say the dice.


Blue and green places:These are simple places.

Orange place:It’s asking you about for you at this place.

Light purple place:This place moves you lighter with the help of a ladder.

Pink place:This place moves you back as many times as it says.

Dark purple place:This place is where that the snake leaves you.

Red place:This place is where that the ladder leaves you.

Yellow place:This place moves you front as many times as it says.

Grey place:This place moves you below with the help of the snake.

White place:This place says you that you are losing your turn in this round.

AIM:The aim of the game is to reach the snake’s head first.



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