The Polar Express

My Book Review

Who wrote this book
Chris Van Allsdurg.

What is this book about?
This book is about a young boy who is awakened on Christmas Eve night by the sound of a train. To his astonishment, he finds the train is waiting for him. He sees a conductor who then proceeds to look up at his window. He runs downstairs and goes outside. The conductor explains the train is called the Polar Express, and is journeying to the North Pole. The boy then boards the train, which is filled with many other children in their pajamas.

The Polar Express races north over mountains and through boreal forests inhabited by timber wolves as well as rabbits, but the train never slows down. When it arrives at the North Pole, the conductor explains that Santa will select one of them to receive the first gift of Christmas.Later, on the train ride home, the boy discovers that the bell has fallen through a hole in his pocket. The boy arrives home and goes to his bedroom as the train pulls away. On Christmas morning, his sister finds a small package for the boy under the tree, behind all of the other gifts. The boy opens the box and discovers that it contains the bell, delivered by Santa along with a note explaining that he found it on the seat of his sleigh. When the boy rings the bell, both he and his sister marvel at the beautiful sound. His parents, however, are unable to hear the bell (since they don’t believe in Santa) and remark that it must be broken.

My Favourite part
My favourite part is when Santa give the bell to the boy.

How many stars?
I give this book 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Do you recommend this book?
I recommend this book because it has a lot of action. I think you should read this book because it’s very interesting

The end!

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