The loud noise!

We were staring at the board when we heard a noise. It was a boring Monday at the school. My friends and I went to school. Moth three of us wanted to sleep. Ourteacher told us that today is a weird  day and we have to keep our eyes open. We thought that she only wanted to waked us but we continued sleeping. When Suddenly, we herad a loud noise. It was so terrible. Our techer told us to ignored it, but I couldn’t. I told her to went to the bathroom but she told me that if I would go, then I will inspired my classmates to went too. My ears would break if the loud noise wouldn’t stop. I wanted my ears, so I paid her to go. She had a deal. Actually, of course, I didn’t go to the bathroom but I follow the loud noise. I saw Marc playing a trompen. I had to say that he didn’t have a talnet. I told him to try something else. He took the flute and starting playing. It had a lot of differents. I went back to my classroom and my teacher picked me and told me a thank you. She had undertoond and we started laughing.

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