The Last of the Mohicans

One day Magua, a very bad Indian arrived to Fort Edward. Cora and Alice, the two daughters of Colonel Muntro were there.Major Heyward had an idea and a few minutes later all agreed with him. So Cora, Alice, Major Heyward, Magua and some soldiers started their way to Colonel Muntro, the captain of the English in Fort Henry. After a lot of adventures with the help of a white called Hawkeye, who lived in a big forest with the two last of the Mohicans, Chingachook and his son, Uncas, they finally arrived to Fort Henry. But one day Magua arrived again with some Indians. He took Cora and Alice and escaped with them. Uncas had a good idea. Hawkeye managed to get in the Hurons camp but he found only Alice. Then he escaped with her. A few days later Magua took Cora and some Indians and they went in a big cave on a big mountain. Uncas saw them. He, Chingachook and Hawkeye followed them. Uncas was the first of the queue. When Magua saw them, he tried to kill Cora but Uncas jumped like a bird in front of her and the died together. The Magua jumped to a nearby cliff. He held onto a tree branch but Hawkeye fired and Magua fell down into a river, a thousand feet below. Now, Chingachook was the last of the Mohicans.

Panagiotis V.


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