My Book Review

Who wrote this book
Robert Fisher .

What is this book about?
The story is about a brave knight who had lived for a long time in his armor, fighting with monsters and dragons ,protecting poor people and helpless ladies. He used to be so busy that he didn’t share time with his wife and son. As he realized he was about to lose his family, he decided to take off his metal armor, but seemed to be impossible. So he asked wizard Merlin to help him. The wizard send him to walk on “Path of Truth” while he learned valuable lessons for life and himself. At the end of his way, every part of his armor one by one had gone and the knight got relisted.

My Favourite part

How many stars?
I give this book 5 Stars

Do you recommend this book?
This is a really good book, easy to read. I recommend it to you , if you want to rad a didactic story

The end!

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