The future robots( ? )

Technology is developing very fast. It has helped us to make our lives more luxurious, easier, and funnier. But have you ever thought about what will happen, if in the future, we will be able to program robots to do our jobs, our housework and generally all those works that we are often bored to do?
As far as I’ m concerned, this will have quite a lot of advantages. To begin with, we will have a lot of free time with the same money as now as the robots will be going to work for us and we will take the money. So, we will be able to enjoy our time with our loved people, traveling and doing whatever we like to do. However, if some people like their job, they could do it. For instance, a ballerina, a painter will be able to continue their jobs as a hobby.
On the other hand, we will never be trying hard for all those that we will have. We will just enjoy the money that our robots will give us and people will never develop their logical thinking. But, I have a good idea about this. All the kids will go to school like in the present days and when they learn and choose the job that they would like to do and they will be able to do, they will take a robot and they will program it to do the job for them.
It probably sounds strange to you. It maybe can be or not. Who knows?

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