The boy and the Puppy

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What is this book about?
One day a boy with his grandfather went to a farm where some puppies were born because he wanted to take a puppy as a pet.
When they arrived the farmer welcome them and they went to the dog house. The farmer called Lisa, the mother dog and she first appeared. Then the puppies came out one after the other. Four puppies came out of the small doghouse and they all were very cute. The last puppy was still in the house and slowly appeared and the boys realized that it had a difficulty to walk, because one of his legs was shorter than the others.
-I chose this! the boy said.
Then the farmer told him that this puppy wouldn’t be the best choice for him, because it couldn’t run fast with its short leg.
-It doesn’t matter, I can’t run fast too, answered the boy and he showed his pegleg under his trousers. The boy kept the puppy and he was very happy to have a pet like this.

My Favourite part

How many stars?
I give this book 5 Stars

Do you recommend this book?
I recomend this book because says about a heart-touching story and it is one of my favourite stories!!!

The end!

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