Summer holidays

Hi readers!Thank you for your comment that you left me in the previous one.I realy enjoyed to read the comments tha that you leave,because some of them give me ideas for other videos.Anyway, today i’ve got some fantastic news to tell you.When i got home from  school,Ifound out that my parents,they are preparing for a vocation.We’re going in Spain for the bussiness.We’re leaving at 2nd August-two weeks and can’t wait!During our holiday,we are going to visit museums/art galleries and go to the beach.I love to explore new placesand learn thinks about this place.Iam so exciting.What are you doing this summer?I love to find out what you do.

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  • Savva! TAKE ME WITH YOU PLEASE!!! Sounds really interesting! I would be excited if I was going to Spain too!!

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