This is a film based on the real story of a mountaineer from Austria, named H.Harrer.Brad Pitt is on the main role of the mountaineer. At the beginning of the film, he leaves behind his wife in Austria, to join a team going climbing the Himalayas mountains in British India. But then the world war 2 begins and he is arrested by British Indians and he stays in prison for a long time. One day he escapes the prison and runs away into Tibet. He arrives in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital city. People there accept him and he stays for 7 years, while he meets the 14th Dalai Lama. They become good friends and they spend much time together. He teaches Dalai Lama Geography, Science and Western culture. Then the war between China Tibet starts and people of Tibet lost it. After that, the Chinese occupy Tibet and Harrer returns to Australia, but never forgets his best friend Dalai Lama. I like this film because there is information about the history and culture of Tibet and it is a real story about true friendship.

Apostolos M.


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