School sport event

From: Tony                                                                                                        To: Brian                                                                                                          Subject: sport event

Hi Brian,

How are you doing? Today we had e school event. Actually a sport event! We played with A1. The I  and some boys of me class played football with the boys of the ather team. We won 3-2. It ahard match, but we won!!!                                                                           Later some boys and girls of each teams played basketball. We aren’t very good 1at basketball. But we finish this game with the score 11 – 11. We have a break in the school there were tables with food and drinks.. We reast, take energy and be ready ti continue. The girls of my class play volleyball with the ather girls. The girl of my class are very good at volleyball. We won 26 – 17!!!!  We had a great time and had a lot of fun!!!

How about you? Write back soon Tony.


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