Quarantine days

My quarantine days are not so boring…  So, a great idea came into my mind… I will write my quarantine routine…

So At seven o’clock, I wake up and I make my bed. Then, I check my phone to see if I have new messages. Before I check my phone, I go downstairs and I eat my breakfast. At half-past seven, I open my laptop and I check my homework. At eight o’clock, I enter the Webex class and I have my lesson.

I finish my lesson at 1.30 pm. Then I eat lunch and I put my little sister on Webex at two o’clock. When she finishes (at five o clock) I do my homework. and at seven o clock, I have an English lesson until 9.00 pm.

That’s my quarantine routine!

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  • Sounds interesting, Efi!! Happy holidays!!

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