So as we all know we are getting quarantined AGAIN! A lot of people don’t like this, but there are some weirdos that do like it. As you realise I don’t like it.

Staying 24 hours a day home, sleeping and in front of our computers or our mobile phones isn’t the best. I get bored easily, I like going out every day with my friends and playing Hide & Seek, football, ride our bikes etc. Also, I used to practise skating every day for about 2 hours and now I can’t do it. Maybe these are nothing but the worst hasn’t come yet… ONLINE LESSONS!!!!!!

This is the most difficult part for me, maybe you think “oh come on you just stay in front of a screen and listen”, NO! there are so many problems behind this, my eyes are going to hurt because I’m going to stay in front of the computer for many hours, there are going to be so many connection problems and stuff like that, so I can hardly understand the lesson.

I’m really going to miss the outside life and all the things I used to do out! I REALLY HATE CORONA VIRUS!

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  • Casey online lessons can also be enjoyable !!!! Hopefully this pandemic will soon be over ….

    • ΗΑΗΑΗΑ i don’t know why i don’t like it 🙁

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