Dear Sir/Madam,

Every day, we see poverty on the streets, such as homeless people, families who don’t have enough money for their childs etc. This problem, in addition causes the type of mock a kid for its clothes, for its personal items etc. This is a problem, which must rectify the people around,but we can help without that.

First of all, we have to create a charity with food, clothes, teachers for the childrens, small and beautiful homes for them and in the and doctors, who can help with the unique diseases. But, there is an other thing which we can do and this is to give a good job to the men, while we accommodate them.

What is more? There are an other suggestion but without offer money, clothes etc. We can help them psychologically if we will spread the message for no “bulling”.By doing this, people will have more confidence and will do more things for the food of their family.

Please spread this messages!!! All are friends, all we are a big family and we can help each other.

Thanks for your watching!!!

A citizen,

Eva Kenteri