My hobby!

My hobby is ping pong! We must have a racket, a small ball and a big table, but in the middle of the we put a ping pong net. You play with two players or four if you want to play a team game. You hold the racket with whichever hand you want and we hit the ball on the other side of the net. When the ball doesn’t hit on the other side, the game ends and you are the loser. I like it because it is a very demanding sport and fast-moving. It is a very easy game. Also, I want to be a professional player like XU Xin who is my favourite ping pong player.

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  • Bravo Dimitri..!! Great to learn about your hobby 🥰

  • I have try to play ping pong and i love it. I thing it’s easy to learn the rules but it’s a bit difficult to learn all the tactics. Also i have see ping pong tournaments, its so cool. The players are so fast i can’t even see the ball. I wish you one day to be a professional player !!!

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