My free time!

Hi John,
How are things? I hope you’re well! What are you doing these days? Do you play any games with your little sister? Oh, I forgot it! How is your sister Mirsini? Is she well? I hope she is! I’m very bored these days but I know that it is a hard war against a virus and that we must beat it. Every morning I ride my bike in the garden and then in the midday when I eat my lunch I study a bit. In the afternoon I sometimes drink some juice and I eat a sandwich and then in the evening I play board games with my family. Finally I eat dinner and I go to bed. How’s your free time? Do you study or not?
Let me know
Your friend Panagiotis

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  • Hey, Panagiotis,
    Your day sounds interesting! How about reading a book too! Or making a video for our Flipgrid channel?
    Anyway, enjoyed reading your letter!

  • Well done Panagiotis!! You sure have a busy schedule..!!

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