My favourite singer

My favourite singer is Serj Tankian from the metal band System Of A Down. SOAD isn’t my fav band necessarily but Serj is in the top of my list. He is active from 1992 and only 52, unlike the other metal singers that are in their seventies.
Serj is from Armenia. He has short hair and a nice characteristic beard. he has a really casual style and he doesn’t really look like the guy you would think he sings that weird stuff. Trust me when I said songs like I-E-A-I-A-I-O and toxicity are like some of the most normal stuff he has done with the band back in the days before he left them. After that, he continued with a solo carrier, but I’m not really educated to his solo songs.
I think his voice is so charming and beautiful also he might sing metal but his vocals are so poetic in some songs that you fell it to your bones.

Magda F.

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