My favourite movie!

My favourite movies are animation/cartoon and fantasy ones. One of thase is “frozen 1”. The heroes of the film are Elasa and Anna, two princesses. The theme of the film is about their adventures. Once upon a time, there were two sisters an princesses, Elsa and Anna. Elsa had magical hands and she turned into ice everything she touched. The two sisters loved each other very much. One day, Elsa left because she didn’t want to do any harm with her hands. Her sister Anna, searched for her everywhere. She rode her horse through the now. She met a good man who helped her Cristof. Finally, she found her be loved sister.  But there was a bad man who shased them, Hans. Anna threw him off the boat. At the end, the two sisters made it. They went to their palace, along with Cristof. Anna and Cristof fell in love. Elsa mad a huge ice rink. Where they ice-skated together and they love all lived happily ever after…!

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