My favourite actor – Jonny Depp

He is an American, very popular actor. He stars in many famous movies of Holywood.
I like him very much. I like the movies he plays in. His roles always use makeup and costumes, so in every movie, he looks different. Sometimes is difficult to recognize him. I have seen him as Scissorhands also as Willy Wonka in the movie Charlie and the chocolate factory. He looks strange wearing that wig and a hight hat. In the movie Alis in Wonderland, he has the role of Mad Hatter and he looks crazy with that red hair and theatrical makeup. He is dressed as an Indian, a vampire or as a wolf in other films but my favourite disguise is as the pirate Jack Sparrow. Actually, this is my favourite role of Johnny Depp. He gives his voice to some animated films as Rango and the corpse bride.
I have watched most of his movies and I liked them all.

Apostolis M.

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