My Family

In my family there are three people and one pet. My mom, my dad, me and my dog Cookie. My mom’s name is Aphrodite, she is tall, with curly brown hair, green eyes and small ears. She’s very kind, funny, beautiful and very friendly. My dad’s name is Nick, he is tall, with short brown hair, brown eyes and small ears. He is also very kind, beautiful, funny, very friendly and sometimes a little bit strict.

My name is Elpiniki – Iliana, and I am ten years old. I have medium brown hair, medium height, brown eyes and small ears. I am kind, funny, beautiful and very friendly. My dog’s name is cookie, she is one year old, with brown and black fluffy fur, black eyes, small tail and very small ears. She is also kind, beautiful, funny and very protective. And this is my beautiful family. I love my family so much and if someone says would you ever change your family I would say no because I love my family with all my heart.

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