My day

Today I woke up at nine o’clock, ate breakfast and watch TV. At ten o’clock I went to the park and there was a big fluffy black dog. When five minutes past I went to our garden and help my dad while my mom was making dinner. At eleven o’clock we went back home to rest and at one o’clock we ate dinner. I didn’t sleep but my parents did. At three o’clock I played with my dog Cookie and because I was so tired I stopped and drink some water. At five o’clock I did my homework, so when I finished I had time to play. At seven o’clock I played with my phone and at eight o’clock I ate a sandwich. When nine o’clock comes I will take a shower, brush my teeth, wash my face and put on my pyjamas. At ten o’clock I will go into my bed and sleep. Today was a beautiful day and I hope that every day is a beautiful day like today.

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