My christmas

Hello Myrsini, how are you?

At Christmas, I will play with the new toys that my parents gave me, drink hot chocolate every morning, make cookies only for me and Santa when I am hungry, play with my dog every afternoon, make a gingerbread house every weekend and lastly talk with you every day because I miss you. Right now, I am with my pyjamas, in the living room, eating cookies, drinking hot chocolate and watching ‘The Grinch’. My mom is listening to music, eating cookies and watching ‘The Grinch’ too. My dad is making cookies and hot chocolate for Santa. My dog Cookie is in her Santa Claus pyjamas, in my bedroom, watching TV, eating her favourite food salami and drinking water. Today I am so excited cause at night Santa Claus is going to bring us our gifts when we go to sleep. Before I go to sleep I will leave cookies and milk for Santa and a carrot for the reindeers. Now that I will go to sleep Santa Claus is going to bring me my presents.

What about you?

Write back.

From: Elpiniki – Iliana

To: Myrsini



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