Mission: StandStill2021

1st prize: https://www.npg.org.uk/hold-still/images/melanie,-march-2020/

2nd prize: https://www.npg.org.uk/hold-still/images/rainbow/

3rd prize: https://www.npg.org.uk/hold-still/images/on-your-doorstep/

Entry summary:

I chose the first prize to go the photo with the Nurse. I feel that in these covid days, our medical staff around Greece are our silent heroes. We only get to hear about statistics in the news, things like “We had X number of covid cases in Greece today”, and we never hear about how much effort the doctors and nurses are giving to help fight this awful virus.

I chose the second photo because I am really impressed with the creativity of all the children staying at home in the crisis. Even though they are now going to school in the morning, in the afternoon they are mostly stuck at home.

I chose the last photo because I love how the good thing about this crisis is that a lot of families learnt to spend time together and have fun.

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