League Of Legends

Hello bloggers. I write a blog post for one game League Of Legends. League Of Legends since 2009 and still one of the best games of all the world. Players are divided into 2 teams of three or five champions. They are some game modes like: PVP, they are five versus five, another mode is URF, at URF you have the possibility to prees the spell and come back at 1 or 2 seconds. The riot games the company of League Of Legends creates Tournaments at all of the world and they have awards. the gameplays is to destroy a nexus and turrets and kill the champions and minions to take gold and take items from the shop. The stats of gameplay are the levels of the champion you start at level 1 and finishes at level 18. That is the League Of Legends I think you are gonna try to play this game and you are gonna be exciting.

Pashalis D.

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  • In the picture you are Pashalis D. because if you are then I want to tell you that you are playing FORTNITE1 in the picture not League Of Legends.

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