Kolbice by sausages (Street food)

Small grilled sausages are in a cone – shaped bread with sauces and extras. Some of the toppings you can put are cheese sauce, you can ask for additional roasted onion, bacon, cabbage and all in one.

After their succes, Kobe created more type of bread. The original cone bread is covered with linseed and whole grain cone bread with chian seed. The price depends on the number of the sausages and the toppings, the average cost is around 2000 HUF.

And more shapes. The tasty sausages can be ordered in a bun, baguette or without any bread. Chek out the website of Kode Sausages for the selection.

Koblise is a very popular streed food, so you can find them in many places. On a festival, a Kobe truck is always there with a big queue.

They have a store in Dohany street, the market in Hold street, the Great Market Hall and at Karavan Street Food in Kazincy street. For the exact locations and opening hours visit their website.

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