“It is good that professional sports are so commercial, nowadays?”

Sport nowadays is very popular and very entertaining because of the following reasons in this essay. I believe that professional sports are a bit too commercial and need to be changed.

Sports are commercial because they have a lot of advertisements from sponsors and some products and a lot of famous footballers and basketball players, mainly, have too high salaries. Also, there are some too fanatical fans, which are called hooligans that make troubles in the stadiums such as breaking objects, cause brawls between the fans of two teams and others.

However, sports are entertaining, even today, but there are some problems. For these reasons, there must not be hooligans and the salaries must not be higher than it needs to be. Also, there must not be corruptions of trainers, referees and players.

Apart from these problems, professional sports are good and these problems can be solved and overcome.

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