Is homeschooling better than school

Some parents teach their children at home rather than sending them to school. Having your parent as a teacher can be awkward, but also you will feel lonely because you won’t go to school so you cant make friends from there. Moreover, some people say that a parent won’t do the same job with a real teacher and sometimes this will make the lesson harder and slower than the one with a real teacher.


Besides, what is important in life is making friends and that is difficult in this situation. you see from school almost all the friends we have come from there, because of all the hours we spend every day with them. Being in your house alone rather at school can cost you a lot(as we see). You can also make friends from other activities but the kids there probably won’t accept that you’re not going to school.


the most important thing in the world you can say is you have a job. In our days you cant find a job without a college degree and you can’t have one unless you’ve finished college, but if you don’t go high school you can’t have a degree for college. So if you don’t go to school you don’t have a job.

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