Ghost Rider: the spirit of Revenge.

It is a thriller film with lots of action. It stars Nicholas cage as Ghost Rider. In the film there was a boy who worked with his father in a circus show. His father’s performance was to climd motorcycles and made his rides over a range of vechicles. Unfortunately his father got very sick. He had cancer and there were left a few days for him. So the boy took the decision to make a contract with the devil in order to save his father’s life. Unfortunately the devil lied to him and his father died. Then the boy turned to the Spiri of Revenge and turned against the devil and whate includes that, in order to revenge for his father’s death.                                                         This thriller – packed film has a clever plot and amazing special effects. Also, the cast is very talented.                                                                                                                        I highly recommend this film. It is full of action.


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