Dress code

In the past years school used to oblige students to wear one standard uniform . These means that if you don’t follow the rules that are set by our school ,it’s mean that you are a bad student and the results are very bad for the students.

Nowdays the rules are more relaxing but in some cases we found the strict dress code on some schools forces our students to be more respectful about school for example they do not bleach their hair or their nails.This means that when students follow rules , they are more respectful.

Secondly everyone has the right to wear whatever they want to school and not be judged.For example everyone has a different personality and express it by different ways , like to bleach their hair or wear more special clothes which can improve their character. This means that students can be more creative and think out of box.

In conclusion,the teachers must understand it and not be very strict about dress code and discriminate the kids if they are bad or goofy for their clothes and punished them. Last but not least it’s not right to exists dressing rules because everyone it’s different and can show it in the different ways.

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