In another myth of ancient Greece a big dragon is the guard of the Golden Fleece. This is the skin of a big, golden ram, which was sent by Zeus to take two kids, Phrixus and his sister Ellie, away from their mean stepmother, who wanted to kill them. The ram took the kids on it’s back and flew away but only the boy was rescued because his sister fell into the sea and died.
When Phrixus arrived in a faraway country, Colchida, the king welcomed him as a special guest. He sacrificed the holy animal ad took its golden skin. Then he hung it on a big tree and ordered a terrifying sleepless dragon to guard it. That dragon had to defeat Jason and his crew to take the golden fleece and save their country. Jason with some magic spells of the witch called Medea slept the dragon, took the skin and run away.

Apostolis M.

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