Dear Teachers Please listen

Dear Teachers,


As a student, I know how it is to be bored in class, and that’s the reason I’m writing to you. Also, I believe as a student I can really help you with that problem. And I have two ideas that I would like to tell you.


My first idea is simple, for most people that know about technology. My idea is to use computers more in class, and see videos or writing or anything else that can be connected to the subject of the lesson. With that, the lesson can be more interesting and see what other people say about that. Except that kids know days seem to pay more attention when computers are used on the lesson.


My other idea is a little weird, but in my opinion, it works. And that is that students should choose what to do in the lesson, but of course to be on the subject that you are on. By that, the students would pay more attention and be more interested in the subject, because the lesson is going on the way that they like. And by that the students communicate about the next choice they make all together and no one is left out, so all students like the what is happening in the lesson.


I hope my ideas using tech and giving choice were interesting and appreciated by all of you teachers. In my opinion, I believe this with help with your problem and you will see highly engaged students in your classes.


Yours faithfully,


Stratos Koutouktsis

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  • Way to go, Stratos!! Interesting read.. I will definitely take the idea of choice and put it into my classes more!!!

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