Dear Diary – #WILT


Our lesson last Saturday was about dreams. A dream is the images, thoughts, and sencations in a persons’s mind while they are sleeping. Dreaming is something that we all  experience almost everyday, but why do we dream, does dreaming have any fuction or is it just weird things hoing on in our head? Indeed dreamings has not only 1 but 5 functions, thia fuctions are giving us a message (or maybe a solution to a problem or prepare us for something we haven’t really noticed), dreaming helps us release useless thoughts, to maybe remember something we have forgot about but our subconscious knows, to practice life skills (which means to test yourself in different situations) and the last function is to keep our brain active. So basically we understood that dreams actually have so many functions that we didn’t know about. I really liked this lesson , because i liked the topic and the way we worked om it in class.

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