Day in the forest

A gentle wind was blowing through the campsite as my brother and I put up our tent. The forest was very beautiful. It was a natural wonder. There were a lot of trees and the birds were singing.
As we were looking at the view, we heard a strange noise behind the bushes. We were so scared that we went to the tent. My brother was curious so he went to see what the noise was.
Suddenly a wolf attacked and bit him. I tried to phone my mum but I didn’t remember to charge my phone before we left. I ran to help him but I couldn’t stand the sight of blood so I started shouting for ”HELP”.
A few minutes later two people heard me and they ran towards me. Fortunately one of two had a mobile phone and he called my mum. My parents came and took my brother to the hospital. In the end, I was relieved because my brother was alright and I hope I will never go to the forest again.

Angela H.

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