Sometimes, people believe that having a set daily routine is beneficial and other people maybe find it boring because they are following a specific program. I personally believe that it is comforting to have a daily routine because it helps you to confront everything but of course there are still advantages and disadvantages to this.

First of all, one of the most advantages of having a daily routine is that it helps people to save time and as a result to have more time for themselves to do what they really love and makes them feel happy. Moreover, one of the advantages is that it helps people to set their personals priorities and what is most important to do first for achieving their goals and feel less anxious and not productive. Of course, one more advantage is that the daily routine provides calmness, a specific program, and structure in the lives of people.

In addition, a set daily routine might be boring and stifling to other people because of the following program every day and of doing the same continuity. Furthermore, a daily routine could be very stressful and put pressure on people’s lives because of unexpected things happening. One more disadvantage of not having a daily routine is that it limits the creativity of people because they do not have time to think and do unique projects.

To sum up, it is beneficial for people to follow a daily routine because it only helps in their lives and made they are daily easier for them but is good sometimes to get away from your program and do something else. For this reason, every person should have a set daily routine with breaks for calm and having a good time.

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