Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451. Christopher Columbus was a dreamer when he was a boy. He dreamed of sailing the ocean sea. When he grew up into a man, he dreamed of reaching the Indies by sailing the ocean sea.
In 1485 he went to the King of Portugal, John, to ask for help, but the King said “no”. Then, in 1486 he went to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabela of Spain, but they said “no”. In 1488 and 1490, Christopher Columbus went again to the King and Queen of Spain but they said “no”. Finally, in January 1492 the King and Queen of Spain said “yes”.
Columbus sailed from Port of Palos, Spain on 3rd August 1492. He had 90 sailors and 3 ships, named Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. They sailed the ocean for over 9 weeks and the sailors could not see land. A few days later one of the sailors spotted land!
They arrived at the island Hispaniola in October 1492. Columbus thought that they arrived at the West Indies and named the gentle people who welcomed them “Indians”.
Columbus never knew that his dream had brought him to a new land: “The Americas”.

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