Christmas holidays are cool

In my Christmas adventures, I had fun. I had played with my friends and my cousins. I was bought many clothes, shoes and small cute things. The day we celebrated together with my family the new Year. My mum and my aunt were cooking for dinner. Me, my brother and my cousin, were playing with our mobiles-phones. When the dinner was ready we were sitting in our chairs. The clock was 11:00 and I was so excited because in one hour was the new year 2020. I, my brother and my cousin were finishing our food. The clock was 11:30 and with my relatives were very happy. When the clock was 12:00 we were opening the champaign. The clock was 1:00 in the morning and my relatives left their houses. The next I and my brother opened our gifts. The gifts we took were amazing. My brother had a big car, one board game and small things. I had taken many clothes, one necklace and things for my school. The next day the whole family we had gone to a beautiful and good restaurant. Later we went to a zoo and we saw birds, parrots, deers, bar, horses, ostrich, dogs and freezing cold. When we saw all these animals, we went to jumbo stores. We had bought small things and my brother bought a castle. One hour later we went to my home. These are all my Christmas adventures.

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