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Hey Sabrina,

I’m really very glad that you’ve got your first job! I wish you have a good start!

In terms of my opinion and advice about moving out of your parents home and getting a flat of your own, I don’t want to lie to you, it will not be very easy but I believe is a pretty good decision. First of all,  you will have your totally own space, which means that you could do whatever you want. Also, it’s a great chance to learn how to maintain yourself on your own. For example, it would be great if you get into the process of learning to cook, which is very useful because you will eat healthier instead of ordering junk food.  In addition, I will advise you to ask your parents to show you how to do housework so as to be able to clear your home.

Some of the disadvantages are that you do not have the family security that you have had so far, something that can make you feel weird, especially in the first period of time. Furthermore, you will have to control your expenses so that you do not run out of money. But in case you spent all of your money don’t hesitate to ask some of your parents.

I hope, I helped you

with love,


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