An email to Bessie

Hi Bessie,

Thanks for the offer, I want to come with you. Fantastic! We can doing much things together, except from the planetarium.

First of all, i want to tell you that my sister is away from here, she is in her academy in Germany and she will late to come. But i’m free this weekend. Also, i prefer to see the space exploration, because we are students and this is a opportunity to learn more things for planets and if there are life there. Well, if you want, you can come in my home for study and we can go to ride our bike in the street. Also, after the planetarium, we can go in a museum, which i know near and we will learn more things there for the space. Now, i remember that i have plan a meet with Mary in a pizzeria for Sunday, but i can change this plan for Saturday and we go there all together.

I thought much things, which we can doing in Saturday. We will have fun at that weekend. Write if you agree. See you in a few days. Have fun!!!

With love, your friend


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