Do you fancy a city break this, year than visit Athens in Greece . It has a population around 3,5 milion people .   There are a lots of things to do in Athens . First you you can go on a small tour group to the Acropolis  and visit the Acropolis museum . Spend a day at Defi and watch the sunset at the Temple of Poseidom . Go on a morning  bike tour  and visit the Illusion Admission museum . You can also visit the mall, spend a day in Attica zoological park and  watch the Ancient Greek Theatre Performance . Don’t forget to go on a hop-on-hop-off  bus tour and also taste souvlaki in Thission .   Athens is a beautiful city that’s why every year 5,5 milion peple visit it . If you like history and museums, Athens is the place for you!!!



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