Ali Baba

My Book Review

Who wrote this book
H.Q. Mitchell.

What is this book about?
It is about Ali Baba and his family were poor. One day he went to the forest and he found forty men. They stood in front of a big rock and he raised his arms and said Open, Sesame! Then the rock opened and the men when they left Ali Baba went to the same place and said the same words. Then the rock opened and he found so much gold inside the cave and he took it. He went back to his home and his wife saw the gold and she was very happy! Then he told his brother and he saw the gold. Ali Baba told him all the story and his brother the next morning went to this cave but the pirates saw him and killed him. Ali Baba went to the cave and he found his brother dead. Then he found Morgiana and helped him to kill them. The pirates realized that someone else had entered the cave so they decided to go to the city and find him. Then they went to a house and Ali Baba was inside and Ali Baba had planned a trap for the pirates so they trapped them and took all the gold

My Favourite part
My favourite part was when Ali Baba found the cave and as soon he entered the cave he saw a lot of gold and he took it with him. Also, my favourite part is when Ali Baba and Morgiana trapped the pirates with a weird plan and they won all the gold!

How many stars?
I give this book 4 Stars

Do you recommend this book?
I recommend this book because this book has a lot of suspense and I think you should read this book because has an adventurous story

The end!

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