A scary school day

        In my school we have very good days because of us every day we go to school and talk with our friends . when the bell ring we all go to our class sleepy but ok

         One day when we start the class a picture fell down. We didn’t give attention to this and continue the lesson . Five minutes later me and my friend say to the teacher to go out

We go out and we just go for a small walk but when we get in class we see that no one is here .then we try to open the door but someone locked us and we get scared

Two minutes later we thought that we get prank but when we try to hear out of the door we don’t hear anything . Then we hear something on the back of the class and we get scared. We just take a chair and go to the back of the class. Then see a phone and in this minute we understand the prank and call  them to Viber . We all just start laughing And then they unlock us. And we start laughing again.

That was the most scary day of my school and i don’t want to live this again but I’ll get the revange of this.


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