Wrong suitcase

 As soon as Peter reached the hotel he knew something was wrong. Last month he went a business trip to Greece and specifically to Athens. The day o his trip was beginning pleasantly. He boarded on the plane on time and the plane embarked and landed safely.
At the moment he reached Athens he took a stroll on the town with his colleague who travelled together. Nonetheless, they couldn’t enjoy a lot that sunny day as they had a meeting in two hours from that moment. So they caught a taxi and went to the hotel that they had booked.
Then, he got into his hotel room and perceived that suitcase wasn’t his own. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He informed his colleague by a message and he called quickly a taxi to the airport. When he reached there, he was trying to find his suitcase. Although he knew that it was pointless among so many people.
Finally, he sat down desperate to relaxed by the time his phone rang. On the telephone was his colleague that he also realised, the hadn’t his own suitcase. So they perceived that they exchanged them with each other.

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