Wrong Suitcase!

Tom got off the train and as the train left,he realised he was holding the wrong suitcase. He was from Rome. He was travelling 12 hours to go to Barcelona to meet his grandmother.

He realised he was holding the suitcase of the man next to him. He got off the train before 15 minutes in the previous stand. He opened the suitcase and a big surprise was waiting him. The suitcase was full with money.

He went to an other train and returned to the stand that the mysterious man had got off. Tom searched for him in some cafeterias but he wasn’t anywhere. He noticed that the suitcase had an address and a name. He asked some people in his way to find the address.

Tom finally went to the right address, Mitropolis 7. He rang the bell. The door opened. The man that was on the train was just there. Tom gave him the suitcase and asked for his. The man gave to Tom the suitcase and closed the door. Tom took his suitcase and walked away.

After some hours, he finally went to his grandmother’s house. When he was telling what happened,  his grandma can’t believe her ears. She was very surprised about all that things Tom was saying. She understand that Tom was a honest boy.

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