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We can for sure say that travelling is one of the best experiences and I don’t think that many people can deny that. But the real question is if tourism is as nice as we thing or does it have a lot of bad impacts.
As we read in the first text, modern tourismhas a lot of good to give in our society! Things like better economy, many places and countrys that are rich now without tourism would be dead. Tourism has had a big growth in those decades with peaple travelling a lot more. Also it can make an individuals feelings better, it can make us smarter and more thoughtfull of whats happening around us.
But, as in everything, we have to think for it with a bigger set of eyes. Not many of us talk or even think about the effect tourism in peak season has. The governers promote this type of tourism, the mas s tourism as it is called, with the result of many small businesses failing. The biggest problem, suddenly, isn’t the economy part but the earth. That’s the biggest problemof the last decades and many people still don’t understand the problem. When so many people travel, airplanes and ships burn more fuel, causing more polution in our home. This thing isn’t something that can be loweed down easily if the government doesn’t step out.
These are the biggest impacts of tourism and I think that everything presented in those two texts is true. Tourism has saved the economy and destroyed the earth in the same time. But to keep saving our countries money we have to save our earth. And just stopping travelling isn’t going necessery to help but we have to do something, if everyone do one small thing we might have a chance to continue tourism.

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  • Very nice arguments Magda, liked the way you presented them!

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