Some working environments give you the chance to choose if you want to work from your home or go to the workplace. A lot of people nowadays choose to work from home for some reason. In my opinion, there are many advantages and disadvantages of working from home but you have to know them before you decide to do that.

Fist of all, I will talk about the best advantages of working from your home. For sure, you have more time for yourself and for your family because you do not waste time travelling. For example, maybe your work is one hour far from your home and you spend a lot of time to go there. If you work from home you win time as a result you have more time to do whatever you want. Secondly, one more advantage of working from home is that you are calm and concentrated because you are in your own space and you do not have a stressful working environment. This will help you to be better at your work and to achieve your goals.

On the other hand, there are many disadvantages to working from home. One of these is that it is very difficult to separate your personal life from your work because you do not have a specific program of working and sometimes you may go over your own limits. Furthermore, working from home causes loneliness because you are alone in your home and you do not connect with other people, you do not share your ideas and you do not have face to face interaction with collaborators.

To sum up, there are many advantages but there are also and disadvantages. My personal opinion is that you have to be very careful when you will get this decision. Of course, there are many solutions to working from home or note. The best advance is to do your work right, to love what you do, and to be happy and feel complete.

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