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Use the story cubes to write a story

Use the cubes to imagine, who you were with and where, what happened that makes it into an interesting story. Also write about how the story ends and it made you feel in the end. 

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How can you write a story?

Here's a short plan of a story!​

So! To write a short story we usually need 3 or at the most 4 paragraphs.

In the first paragraph you should say who you were with, when the story happened, and where you were.

In the second paragraph you should tell us all the juicy things that happened in any order.

In the third paragraph you should give an end to story. It could end good or even a bad.. for example, even died!!! Make sure you state how you felt in the end (if you’re not dead!!), use adjectives like. I felt relieved (ανακούφηση). Ι felt unhappy


Here are some adjectives for feelings and emotions
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When I do my lesson I see a mouse so I scared so much and I jump over my chair but the mouse steal my

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A bad new

An email came to my account. It was from my brother. Kevin was in Los Angeles. I was in Brazil. I was in a home

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A strange story!!

It was a sunny day, my brother and I had a lot of homework to do, but we were bored because it was Saturday and

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