Why young people are chosing Cosmetic surgeries?

Nowadays an increasing number of young, mainly rich people and a big number of celebrities and famous people are choosing cosmetic surgeries to enhance their bodies. I believe that in the most cases, this is a negative development. The main reasons of why they are doing it and the reasons that I disagree with it are the following:

The most cosmetic surgeries are made because some young mainly rich (because they are too expensive for everyone) people (more women but also men) want to look more than everyone else, being more beautiful and because they are insecure for their appearance, and they want to improve it. Also, a lot of celebrities make a lot of cosmetic surgeries because they want to be very pretty and because they do not want to get old and sometimes because they want to stand out from the other people.

But in opposite, plastic and reconstructive surgeries are very important and necessary (for people after serious accidents and for other serious health reasons). I disagree with it because a lot of cosmetic surgeries have no point and sometimes, they failed with the result to ruin the appearance. Also, they cost too much money and they alter nature.

Generally, I disagree with cosmetic surgeries, but I agree with plastic surgeries in serious cases.

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