Why is important to have a family

Every child wants to have a family because a family is a gift for you. Some children do not have a family and they sleep an eat on the road which is so sad because they haven’t got anyone to take care of them.

Family is a gift because it makes you a better person whatever you do your family will support you and help with whatever you do. They help you with your problems in life and your behaviour. The family consists of your parents of course and your grandmothers and your grandfathers. Also consists of your uncle, aunt your godfather and your godmother.

You are very lucky to have a family because with your family you can go wherever you want with them. With your family, you stay under the same roof and you sharing with them everything. And the most important your family do not want you to get hurt.

You have to be kind to your family because it offers you everything. It teaches you to be friendly, kind and many other things also acquire knowledge and solve your questions. The purpose of a family is to create a healthy environment where all members will live happily.

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  • That’s right Chrisavgi! The family is very important for everyone!

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