Why do we need fashion nowadays?

Nowadays fashion is important to a lot of people at least to some extent. From those who take a lot of time in front of their wardrobe trying to find what to wear or what suits them the best to those who wear nice jeans with a crop-top and  own beautiful expensive designer suits. Each one of them has their personal style. But why people follow fashion and what crash can have on their personality?

Arguably, one magnate who influences what people will wear is because they need to impress others and have all the regard on them. This people who care about their external appearance seem to be more noticeable than those who are not really interested in this topic. For this reason, a lot of people wear trending clothes to receive an identity in which they believe that they impress. Still, by copying universal looks, people indeed repress their originality, which leads to a qualmish or subliminal suppression of their personality.

At the same time, fashion is perceived by some as a helpful instrument for success and one signify wealth or authority. As an example, people intentionally try to raise their status by wearing trending clothes, famous and expensive brands which are admired by others. These clothes aren’t actually helping by giving a personal statement of the wearer as they are just the means to promote a specific power and control. In this case, fashion does not express personal individuality but perhaps can give a wrong sensation of appearance for a specific aim.

Now that I said that, when you follow fashion you know that it is not about copying trends but it is about to give inspiration to create your own outfits and express yourself through them.

Having consider all that, to my point of view, fashion can help us to communicate with the people around you. As a famous designer once said, ‘’Fashion is instant language’’.

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