Why are nonviolent people more aggressive?

It is true that the majority of people appearing more aggressive are the non violent personalities. There are many internal factors such as stress or external factors such as family which create the increase of violence. Nevertheless, according to that: how are these reasons producing aggression on non violent people?

First of all, everyday life has become tiring and anxied due to work, school, traffic jams, and generall the planned daily routine. All these factors feed stress and make people feel more tired. Take the example of daily work. Sometimes people get exhausted by the intense work and after a while they can not feel the calmness showing our despair and fatigue. This means that violence behaviour is expressed on family’s members or on friends. So, the pressure of daily life creates aggression. 

Lately a new factor which influences negatively the behaviour has been created:  video games. It is shown that most video games present and transmit violence. This means that people and especially children are in danger of being over- aggressive because of the long hour online entertainment. Consequently, parents would be anxious for their children, wantering what he is thinking by playing violent games. So, they turn off computers or consoles starting at the same time the argument. This movement makes the child mad and upset. After all, the blame of this aggressive behavior is both the games and the gamers.

As you can see, our behavior is influenced by many factors leading to aggression. We have to understand our limits and reduce the heavy programme giving ourselves time to rest and to breath. Also, people who spend a lot of time on aggressive games should know when to stop playing, control themselves and understand the worry of their parents instead of arguing with them.  

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